The interface (main window)

OpenGL based views. Classic 4 views (all configurable). A panel to create and edit objects.

Main window

The material editor

Tree based material editor, with preview. Almost all features of povray version 3.6 are supported. Materials can be saved & reloaded independantly, with included preview thumbnails for the material library (thumbnails compressed with libz).

Material editor

The material library

Material library. You can find there a large part of povray materials included in official distribution and some creations from Raymond. You can also add yours, off course :)

Material library

The render interface

Here are the dialog boxes used to control the render process: the control box (to launch & stop render), the console (to see povray output), the options box (to set up povray options), and the output image.

Render interface

The Blob preview

Here is the blob GL preview at work! Big machine and heavy graphic card required...

Blob preview