What are the keyboard shortcuts?

There are few shortcuts at this time. There are available when an OpenGL view has the focus:

  • Z := toggle solid / wireframe render.
  • L := toggle lighting.
  • O := toggle smooth rendering.
  • A := toggle axis display.
  • B := toggle axis label display.
  • G := toggle grid display (2D views only).
  • E := force view refresh.
  • 1 := front view.
  • 7 := top view.
  • 5 := perspective view.
  • 3 := right view.
  • 2 := camera view.
  • T := trackball pointer mode
  • P := selection pointer mode
  • S := scale pointer mode
  • R := rotate pointer mode
  • M := translate pointer mode
  • H := home

Where is the material library ?

Materials to be added in the library can be saved in :

  • /usr/share/truevision/materials/ (system dependant)
  • ~/.truevision/materials

You may have the same materials several times (with different names) if you installed previous releases. Clean the system wide library before new install to fix this.

Truevision crashes at launch!

If you installed a previous version delete the ~/.truevision folder.

Build failed! It asks for LibGL.la, where can i find it?

You're probably using Nvidia driver, that doesn't provide this file. You have to edit libGLU.la (often found in /usr/X11R6/lib/) and remove libGL.la from dependencies. It should work :)
New: You may also experience this if you installed gtkglext from binary package. You'll have to fix libgtkgkext*.la and libgdkgkext*.la the same way...