Help needed!

Any contribution is welcome! You may help the project in many domains:
  • Adding new features if you are a C++ developper.
  • Creating the interface graphics (and create icons).
  • Translating the software.
  • Creating help files.
  • Maintaining packages: RPM...
  • We also need povray RPMs :)
  • Add some python scripts (perhaps using pygtk).
  • Provide us with some of your cool truevision-made pictures or scene files.
  • Write a tutorial.

There's a mailing list for developers and alpha testers. Visit the list info page to subscribe.

TODO list

For the next version I plan to:
  • Add support for meshes.
  • Finish help.
  • Add plugin interface for external objects.
  • Add basic animation features...
If you have bright ideas please share them!