Latest news

Truevision 0.5.5 patch level 2
A major bug was discovered in material editor that would prevent fom using Truevision in normal conditions. Therefore we decided to release a 0.5.5-2 version to correct it. Rpm and debian packages were also updated. Have fun and report the other ones !
27 Oct 2005
Slackware packages updated
Truevision packages for Slackware were updated by Tristan. There are changes in Gnome support at Slackware, so please have a look at the download section before installing anything.
24 Oct 2005
Truevision version 0.5.5
Release 0.5.5 is available for download at Sourceforge ! For this version Christian added a nice python plugin interface. A sample plugin is provided with packages. The GUI was also improved : almost all user requests were implemented ( detachable panels, keyboard shortcuts etc... ). The code was also cleaned : all deprecated widgets from gtk 1 and gnome were replaced with gtk2 valid widgets. Dozens of bugs were also fixed. For more details see Changelog. This is still an alpha version so please save often, and report any bug. Have fun !
07 Oct 2005
Truevision user list available
A user list is now available at SourceForge. It should be used to discuss user related topics and no bug report. See you there!
20 Sep 2005
Truevision version 0.5.4
Truevision 0.5.4 is out! (Summer version). It fixes numerous bugs found in previous version and add some new cool features, including:
  • a python scripting interface
  • isosurface object
  • povray script object (no preview)
  • julia fractal object (no preview)
  • parametric surface
  • sphere sweep object
  • bicubic patch object
For the complete list of changes see changelog. Please report any bug! Now that almost all POV-Ray objects are available we will focus on debugging and interface improvement (before going further in 3d modeling!). If you have ideas to share about GUI, if you're an artist and wanna help us to make it look smarter please contact us.
11 Jun 2005

Older news

They will soon be available on a separate page to make the home page lighter.

RSS feed available!
A brand new RSS feed is available. Just paste the RSS link on the left menu in your favourite RSS aggregator to be kept informed about Truevision's development. We still respect standards: that's a RSS 2.0 valid feed.
11 Jun 2005
Valid website
We step into a XHTML (1.0 strict) & CSS (level 2) valid world!
19 May 2005
Truevision version 0.5.3 release
No new feature here... A bug was discovered in OpenGL previews. It was considered as a major bug, that would reduce the bug reporting flow. That's the reason of this release. Some other bugs were fixed (minor ones).
30 Mar 2005
Debian packages now available
Thanks to KiBi we now have debian binaries for i386! Please don't run to the sourceforge download section but to our download explanations. This packages are here for testing purpose so please report any problem, Thanks!
25 Mar 2005
RPM packages now available
There are now RPM binaries available at the sourceforge download section. They are my first RPM packages, so they might not be perfect (Humm :)). Packages for GtkGlExt are available in mandrake contrib, but POV-Ray 3.6 is not available as RPM... Other distributions may follow if I find volunteers!
16 Mar 2005
Truevision 0.5.2 release
Truevision 0.5.2 is out. This version corrects a few new bugs and add some new features :
  • CSG material preview now works better
  • undo/redo now works with lathe splines
  • material tree bugs fixed (most of them I think :))
  • enhanced povray export, now generates ini file
  • link object added
  • added "looks like" to light objects
  • added group object
  • added prism object
  • several other bug fixes...
Sorry but povray front end still doesn't detect end of render. We'll need to wait for next povray version for that.
12 Mar 2005
Truevision 0.5.1 release
Truevision 0.5.1 is out. This version corrects the first reported bugs:
  • Lack of precision in light fading and fog settings
  • Added split_union to CSG Union object
  • Area light density infinite loop bug fixed
  • Material Finish paste bug fixed
  • Texture tree refresh bug fixed
  • Camera DND bug fixed
  • CSG GL color bug fixed (still need improvement)
  • Density map bug fixed
  • Help file loading bug fixed (Oops :))
  • It also seems that mime type settings works better with '--prefix=/usr' in configure...
Send me more! Hungry!
8 Jan 2005
Truevision 0.5.0 Alpha release
Truevision 0.5.0 is out! Sorry for the time it took... but it was worth waiting (I hope !). Here are the major changes:
  • added Blob object (with GL preview)
  • added Lathe object (with GL preview)
  • added Text object (with preview from FTGL lib)
  • added Heigthfield object preview
  • added ligth groups
  • added photon interface
  • added help framework & some help files (wip! help needed)
  • improved extra materials package (install)
  • better gnome integration (mime type...)
  • and global update to match POV-Ray 3.6 specs
  • and some minor enhancements
  • and a lot of bug fix
Happy poving! Send me gentle bug reports and feature requests. If you're lucky you won't wait a year for next version :)
29 Dec 2004
Truevision 0.4.0 Alpha release
Here is a new release for Truevision. There is almost no bug fix and no new features but I now compile with GTK2 / GNOME2 and GtkGLExt.
15 Oct 2003
Truevision 0.3.10 broken archive
Sorry. There was a problem with the archive upload, so many of you told me they were unable to unpack it. I uploaded it again and it seems to work fine now.
2 Jan 2002
New alpha release : 0.3.10
Happy new year! Here is the new release!
New features / changes:
  • New scene for material preview (fisheye also added)
  • Undo / Redo
  • SuperEllipsoid object (Christian)
  • Fog object(Christian)
  • Many new materials (Raymond) and installation script
  • Progress bars for scene save / Load & status
  • Material library loading progress bar
  • Improved performances
  • Material map item duplication function
  • New percent control

Bug fix :
  • gcc 3.0 compile bug fix
  • material copy / paste bugs fix
  • layered / patterned textures bug fix
  • temp files bug fix (now stored in /tmp)
  • DnD crashes fix
  • deleted material edition bug fixed
1 Jan 2002
Truevision mailing list
We now have a mailing list for developers and alpha testers. Visit the list info page to subscribe.
9 Dec 2001
Truevision for Windows?
This is not a joke! Here is a page that describes how to build Truevision for Win32. This is part of a project that aims to port GNOME to Win32: http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley/1596/en/cygwin.html
9 Dec 2001
New alpha release: 0.3.9
New features / changes:
  • Atmospheric media
  • Improved drag and drop in object list.
  • Apply funvtion in material library (load mat but don't close library).
  • Home function in OpenGL views to reset view point.
  • NLS (translation) support.
  • German translation (Christian Spoer)
  • Disc Object (Christian Spoer)
  • Automatic new / loaded material selection & edition (optional).
  • Option boxes state save.
  • Embryological french translation
  • Heightfield object (Kent Gustavson)
  • Copy / Paste in material editor.
  • Camera normal ray perturbation.
  • Sky sphere mode for material preview.
  • Material editor tree state save.
  • Splash screen improved.
  • Scene author & description options.
  • Temp files now stored in $TMP

Bug fix :
  • Layer duplication bug fixed
  • no object deletion bug fixed
  • compile bug with gcc 2.96 fixed (ID)
  • Layer deletion bug fixed
  • Size presets improved
  • About version number bug fixed
3 Dec 2001
Truevision gallery and FAQ
I've added a gallery. If you made nice scenes send me the file so I can add it! Of course POV-Ray can do mush better so it only demonstrates truevision poor capacities ;-) I've also added a small href="documents.html">FAQ.
3 Nov 2001
New alpha release : 0.3.8
New features:
  • New Camera view. (very handy!)
  • Added cone object for material preview and 400x400 preview.
  • New package created for extra materials, in order to keep small binaries archive.
  • Added inverse parameter.

Bug fix :
  • Reload crash bug fix.
  • Material preview bug fix.
  • Multithread bug fix.
  • Material preview save bug fix.
  • Light display bug fix.
  • Added phase & frequency parameters for wave & ripples patterns.
  • Improved precision for coordinates.
  • Floating point parameters save bug fix.
I've also created a CVS repository for materials. Feel free to send me your favorites!
1 Nov 2001