• Persistence of Vision 3.61 (website). Untested neither with previous versions nor with modified ones (Megapov etc...).
  • GTK 2 & glib 2 libraries (website).
  • GNOME 2 libraries (website).
  • GtkGlext library (website).
  • an opengl library (Mesa for instance). If you use nvidia driver please have a look at the FAQ in case of build difficulties.
  • zlib library (shipped with almost all distributions now).
  • a modified FTGL library is now included in package, see links to get the original version.
  • Python librairies if you wanna build the script engine. See the python website for details about python. Some plugins may also depend on pygtk.

Latest unstable version: 0.5.5

Available at sourceforge project page. You can also download extra materials package there.

Debian packages

They are available on the sourceforge project page mentionned above, but you may want to be able to use apt-get. In this case, you just have to edit (as root of course) your /etc/apt/sources.list file and add this line:

deb http://kibi.dyndns.org/truevision ./

then update the list of available packages and install it:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install truevision
sudo apt-get install truevision-extramat

Interesting is the fact that by just making a "normal" update and upgrade of your system, truevision will automatically be updated if necessary.

Why not in Debian/unstable? We are thinking of it, but we've got to change a little more things before.

Slackware packages

Slackware packages are provided by Tristan Le Toullec.

Truevision is package is up to date ! Recently Gnome was removed from the Slackware Linux Distribution (10.2). You will need many Gnome libraries in order to use Truevision. I sugest that you first install a Gnome distribution for Slackware, for instance Gware project

To install Truevision add this line to swaret.conf :


Then update update the list of available packages and install Truevision and dependencies:

swaret --update
swaret --install gtkglext (Mesa) truevision truevision-extramat

Anonymous CVS access

You can check out the CVS tree using the web interface. Note that it may be outdated cause i don't use it that much...